I was talking with some friends earlier this week about Etsy. I assumed that most people knew what it was, and especially thought my arty / poet / writer friends would, but I was surprised when most of them said they hadn't. So, I thought I'd help spread the word a little about this website full of handmade, wonderful and beautiful things with a few items that I came across this morning..........

   JenRoffePrint  - Limited Edition Typography Print    

JenRoffePrint - Limited Edition Typography Print


   nemki  - Forest Illustrated Throw Pillow

nemki - Forest Illustrated Throw Pillow

   GothicChameleon  - Hand Knitted Coraline Gloves

GothicChameleon - Hand Knitted Coraline Gloves

   RyonDesign  - Oak Coffee Table 

RyonDesign - Oak Coffee Table 


tpffaeriewear - Swirly Fleece 'Korrigan' Shrug

 Anna Clifton Jewellery - Grace Solitaire Ring

Anna Clifton Jewellery - Grace Solitaire Ring

   Sascalia  - Birds and Flowers Mixed Media Paper Collage

Sascalia - Birds and Flowers Mixed Media Paper Collage

I love Etsy! There are so many beautiful things added every day. My Etsy shop is at https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnnaCliftonJewellery but please have a look at some of the other shops too. 

A handy tip is to scroll down to the bottom of the home page and fine the "Shop Local" link. Here you can specify your town or country and discover all sorts of handmade products right on your doorstep!