All About EWE in the snow!


All About EWE in the snow!

I can’t believe it’s almost a month since I exhibited for the second time at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza at The Bond Company in sunny (ahem....not quite!) Birmingham. 

I LOVE this wedding event! Out of all the wedding events/shows/fayres/fairs that I have done, this is the one where I feel like I most fit it. It’s the one where all the things that other people might class as just plain weird, are just not. Anything goes, and that’s exactly how a wedding should be in my opinion.

The weather was, erm.....interesting......but everyone just braved the blizzards and still had a fantastic time!

Business wise, it’s the only show so far this year where I’ve actually taken orders (despite the blizzards!) at the event, so that’s pretty cool, but mainly it’s just a really fun weekend full of wonderful and likeminded people.

Here’s the list of all the amazing “flockers” that were there (if I’ve missed anyone off then please message me or get in touch via the comments and I’ll add your link straight away)......

Rock and Roll Bride

Mr & Mrs Unique

The bond Wedding Venue

Anna Fine Jewellery (That’s me 😉)

Binky Bones

Hell Cat Jewellery

Chirping Bird Press

Maison de Cantern

Crown & Glory

Truffle & Podge

The Couture Company

Curious Coco

Legend Bridal Designs

Lucky Sixpence Bridal

Rosie Red Corsetry

Born to Thread

Vickilicious Designs

Barmy Fox

A is for Alice


Sharon Cooper Photography

Parrot & Pineapple Photography

Emma & Rich Photography

Bouquet Chic Unique


Maddison Rocks

Conjurer’s Kitchen

Daisy & Fred

Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

Alternative Ceremonies UK

 Jessica May

Disco Wed

The Best Men


Boomtastic Silent Disco

Wish Upon A Sparkle

Gaming 4 Weddings

Jester Styles

Flambe Circus

Doris Loves

Deuce Event Hire



Face Box Boutique

Boston Brass

Wrench & Rascal

Pizza Al Forno

The Middle Feast

Ninja Pig Ice Cream

Nelly’s Bar

Wholesome Junkies

Sarah Russell Hair & Make Up Artist

Natalie Flewitt

Hardfelt Designs

 Karlus G Tailor

LV Made In England

Megan & Thread

Bunny Pumpkin

Prim & Glad

Bar Code Designs

Andrew J Mason


Beetles Bones & Butterflies

Charlotte Clark

Pins & Needles

Clear Hearts Planning

Maddison Rocks

Fern & Compas

ElectricBlue Weddings

Emma & Rich Photography

 Boho Lane


I really really hope I get invited back to exhibit at the next one! 

Anna xx



Where did January (and February) go?

I’m not sure how it got to be almost March! I guess there were 31 days of January and then 21 of February 🤣

Anyway, if you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I’ve ben a little quieter that usual. The main reason is that I’ve just been way too busy making to have time to even think about writing instagram and facebook posts! Obviously this is great business wise, but unfortunatley, I’ve not yet worked out how to split myself into the several different peoples’ jobs that I have to do, so making always has to take priority. Well, actually, thats not entirely true...the cat takes priority...always...even before children! 

So, this blog is mainly to introduce my new, as yet nameless, and also not quite finished new collection, but I have taken a few pics so I thought I’d share them. My inspiration for these rings came after talking to loads of amazing and ‘alternative’ couples at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza last November. I feel really lucky that I get to make a living from creating little works of art. Especially ones that remind their wearers of an amazing day or person in (or that has been in) their life. Now, I enjoy making every piece, but the ones that I ‘really’ enjoy are the ones where I get to inject lots of my own style and ideas, and really make them something that I would like to wear myself. I think that as I’ve become more and more ‘established’ many more my clients come to me for exactly this, and this has also inspired me to create these new, somewhat ‘gothic’ pieces.

As I’ve already mentioned, they are as yet nameless, so if anyone has any ideas for what I should call them, please do let me know!  



New year tidy bench! (And upcoming wedding fair dates)

I started back to work on Wednesday, and I thought a good way to say ‘hello’ to the new year (and to ease myself back into getting u at 6am again!) would be to start by having a really good bench tidy up!  It really does make a difference having a tidy work space. It makes me look forward to spending time there and inspires me to get started on my new collection that I intend to launch in March. Maybe I’ll ‘try’ and keep up the daily dustpanning from now on! 


The second part of today’s blog is to let you know about 4 wedding fairs that are coming up vey soon, so here they are:

 14th Jan - Stanbrook Abbey Luxury Wedding Show. 11am - 3pm

21st Jan - Hereford Racecourse Wedding Show . 11am - 3pm

28th Jan - The West Midlands Luxury Wedding Show at Chateau-Impney, Droitwich. 11am - 4pm. 

17th/18th March - The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, The Bond Company, Birmingham. Times are still ‘to be confirmed’ but the last show was 12am - 5pm (Sat) / 11am - 4pm (Sun)

I’m currently working on some plans to make my workshop more ‘visitor friendly’ but those will be a little way off, so for now, the best place to come and have a chat about commissions and to see me and my work in real life, is when I set up shop at a wedding fair. If you can’t make any of those though, my website and Etsy shop are always there. 

I’m off to enjoy my Saturday now, I hope you do too! Anna x





Happy New Year!

This has absolutely nothing to do with jewellery or engagement or wedding rings, but I said I was going to blog more so I though that might include a bit more about some of things that I do outside of my workshop.

Yesterday we started the year with a visit to Solihull ice rink and then a warm up in the pub with some friends, before heading to Stratford Upon Avon to see A Christmas Carol at the RSC. I’d bought the tickets months ago and hidden them inside 4 crackers on our Christmas day dinner table with the intention that it would be an exciting treat to end the Christmas holidays and start off the new year. 

Well, we certainly weren’t disappointed as the performance and the the set were both absolutely fantastic. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is really like no other and if you have the chance to go and see ‘any’ performance there, I’d highly recommended that you do. 

Yesterday was the perfect start to a new year. A wonderful happy memory to hold onto throughout 2018!