Wedding in a yurt, but football always wins?


Wedding in a yurt, but football always wins?

Hi everyone. I thought I’d write a short blog about last Sunday’s wedding fair, as it didn’t exactly turn out as I expected it to...

So, I’d been previously been pretty excited about this one. Firstly, because it was in the prettiest village in the Cotswolds, and secondly, because it was in a yurt! What a fantastic combination that was sure to attract lots of my kind of customer, or so I thought anyway. 

But, I started to wonder a little if all was well, when I saw a facebook post from the company that runs the fair, saying that they still had a couple of spaces for exhibitors. A yurt isn’t a massive space, so I expected that all the exhibition spots would have been taken weeks ago. Ah well, I was till sure that they would be quickly filled up, but when I arrived, I discovered that there was only a very small handful of us. Ok, not a massive issue, as it was still a beautiful venue, and I got to spend the day meeting lots of potential new clients in the most fantastic yurt ever. Unfortunately though, only part of that last sentence was true. 

Now, I don’t quite know why only 4 or 5 couples ventured inside the yurt over the entire day. The wedding fair company had advertised the event, is well known and I’ve exhibited with lots of very successful fairs with them. I do have a couple of theories though:

1. I remember visiting the village of Bourton-On-The-Water as a child. It was such a beautiful place with quaint little shops and a river running through the middle, perfect for summer picnics. However, I haven’t been there for years, and I don’t remember it being filled with literally 1000’s of tourists being bussed in and out. It was soooo noisy, and the air was full of petrol and diesel fumes from all the traffic. It certainly wasn’t the peaceful place that I remembered. Maybe people that actually live in that area, just avoid that place at the weekends?

2. And I suspect that this is probably the main reason - football! Flipping football, that I have no interest whatsoever in, but apparently England were playing that afternoon, which means that almost the entire country spends the day staring at a screen, watching some men chasing a ball around a field. 

Whatever the reason, I guess I’ll just have to down to experience, but it has got me questioning my plan to only exhibit in interesting venues a little.  

Anyway, I don’t want to end this blog on a negative, so here are a few photos of Cheltenham Yurt Hire’s absolutely gorgeous wedding yurt (a couple are nicked from their website as they were better than my pics 😉)..... 


New Bench!


New Bench!

Every time I do an event, I always stand there thinking about the improvements that I need to make to my display. I’ve talked about this before, and am just resigned to the fact that I will ‘never’ be completely happy, but I’m ok with this now, as I read somewhere a few weeks ago that this is what makes me an artist!  

An idea, thats been whirring around in my brain for quite a while now, is to solve the problem of how to get my jewellers bench to events, partly just because I think it would look really cool, and mostly because, even though I have loads of “work in progress” photos out, I always get asked the question, “Do you make all these?”.

Well, about a month ago, I finally solved that problem, in a way that I’m probably 99% (possibly even 100% for the first tine ever) happy with!!  

So here are a few pics of my fantastic, new, super fashionable, industrial style OSB board and scaffolding tube, PORTABLE JEWELLERS BENCH........

It wasn’t “quite” finished in these photos, but I’m really looking forward to taking more photos at my next wedding event at the Dial House Wedding Fayre (run by Diva  Wedding Fayres) in beautiful Bourton On The Water on the 24th June. 

I’m also REALLY looking forward to “rainbowing” it all up for the next Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (as long as they still want me!) in the autumn. 



GDPR - Privacy Policy (sorry!)

I'll start this with an apology for being such a boring blog, but I apparently have to show that I'm doing my best to be compliant with GDPR, and with the deadline being tomorow, I suppose I really should get something on here somewhere!

So, I've written a privacy policy, that I'll be putting my Etsy shop policies and on my blog, as I haven't actually got any pages left in my website allowance! So, here it is,,,,


Anna Fine Jewellery Privacy Policy

Anna Fine Jewellery is basically, just me, Anna Mcloughlin - designer/maker/cleaner/blogger/marketer/accountant/etc so for the purpose of making sure that your data is kept safe, and being compliant with GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), this also makes me the data “Processor” and “Controller”

Information I collect

I may ask for your contact details including name, billing address, shipping address, email address, telephone number, wedding date and any other relevant information.

How I use your information

I use the information that you give me to give advice, produce designs for a commission or post your order to the correct address. If you have consented to be on my mailing list, I may occasionally (approximately once a month, but sometimes more often if I have something really important to tell you) send you my email newsletter and/or other relevant information that I feel may be of interest.

How I share your information

Order Processing

I would never sell any of your data to third parties, but I do sometimes need to share some of it with shipping companies such as Royal Mail or DHL otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to send your order to you.

Payments are all processed via Etsy (GDPR compliant) or Paypal (working on it, but as they are a massive company, I expect that they will be very very soon).


I use FreeAgent, who are GDPR compliant, to help me do my accounts, tax return and to create and send you invoices.


I use a few different companies to help you find out that I exist, so you may have shared your information with them in order for it to be passed onto me.

All of these companies are GDPR compliant. They are as follows:

  • Squarespace - This is who I use to make my website, and all of the contact forms embedded within it.
  • Mailchimp - This is who I use (along with half of the world) to look after my mailing lists and to write my newsletters and marketing emails.
  • Etsy - This is who I use to run my online shop.


I’m very careful not to leave my actual email address lying around all over the internet as I don’t want to be bombarded with email from robots (I find that they have really spindly fingers that rings just won’t stay on!), but once we have made initial contact through my website this is usually the method by which I will continue our conversation. My emails travel backwards and forwards via Gmail, Apple Icloud, and Crazy Domains (who host my domain names and email forwarding addresses).

Social Media

I often share photos of what I have made on social media but would never share any identifying information about who a piece belongs to without prior consent. If you (or others) identify yourself in the comments then that is your own choice.

How I store and protect your information

Since buying my shiny new iPad Pro, I have very little need to store anything on paper. This means that any data that I do have about you, will be safely stored in iCloud, or in one of the companies that I have already mentioned above.

I’m lucky enough to have my very own “live-in” internet security advisor, in the form of my wonderful partner, who makes his living from helping people out with their Apple devices. He keeps a close eye on my computer and advises me on the best ways to make sure that no nasty viruses or spyware can get in and see any of your data.

All of the various companies that I use in order that I can run my business are very well known and trusted and are either already, or (in PayPal’s case) are working towards being GDPR compliant. I will only keep your data for as long as is legally necessary. After this time I will do my best to delete it.

Your right to delete your data

I respect your privacy rights and understand that you have the right to request to have any data that I hold on you deleted. If you would like me to do this then please contact me via the form on this website and I will do my very best to remove everything that isn’t needed by HMRC in order to complete my tax return. If you have given your data to Etsy, Paypal or have commented via social media, then you will need to delete that yourself.

This privacy policy was completed by me, Anna Mcloughlin, on May 24th 2018 and I very much hope that I have included everything in it that I’m supposed to have done. If you’ve actually read this far and can see anything that’s missing then please contact me and let me know and I’ll get it sorted as soon as I can.


All About EWE in the snow!


All About EWE in the snow!

I can’t believe it’s almost a month since I exhibited for the second time at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza at The Bond Company in sunny (ahem....not quite!) Birmingham. 

I LOVE this wedding event! Out of all the wedding events/shows/fayres/fairs that I have done, this is the one where I feel like I most fit it. It’s the one where all the things that other people might class as just plain weird, are just not. Anything goes, and that’s exactly how a wedding should be in my opinion.

The weather was, erm.....interesting......but everyone just braved the blizzards and still had a fantastic time!

Business wise, it’s the only show so far this year where I’ve actually taken orders (despite the blizzards!) at the event, so that’s pretty cool, but mainly it’s just a really fun weekend full of wonderful and likeminded people.

Here’s the list of all the amazing “flockers” that were there (if I’ve missed anyone off then please message me or get in touch via the comments and I’ll add your link straight away)......

Rock and Roll Bride

Mr & Mrs Unique

The bond Wedding Venue

Anna Fine Jewellery (That’s me 😉)

Binky Bones

Hell Cat Jewellery

Chirping Bird Press

Maison de Cantern

Crown & Glory

Truffle & Podge

The Couture Company

Curious Coco

Legend Bridal Designs

Lucky Sixpence Bridal

Rosie Red Corsetry

Born to Thread

Vickilicious Designs

Barmy Fox

A is for Alice


Sharon Cooper Photography

Parrot & Pineapple Photography

Emma & Rich Photography

Bouquet Chic Unique


Maddison Rocks

Conjurer’s Kitchen

Daisy & Fred

Tiny Sarah’s Cakes

Alternative Ceremonies UK

 Jessica May

Disco Wed

The Best Men


Boomtastic Silent Disco

Wish Upon A Sparkle

Gaming 4 Weddings

Jester Styles

Flambe Circus

Doris Loves

Deuce Event Hire



Face Box Boutique

Boston Brass

Wrench & Rascal

Pizza Al Forno

The Middle Feast

Ninja Pig Ice Cream

Nelly’s Bar

Wholesome Junkies

Sarah Russell Hair & Make Up Artist

Natalie Flewitt

Hardfelt Designs

 Karlus G Tailor

LV Made In England

Megan & Thread

Bunny Pumpkin

Prim & Glad

Bar Code Designs

Andrew J Mason


Beetles Bones & Butterflies

Charlotte Clark

Pins & Needles

Clear Hearts Planning

Maddison Rocks

Fern & Compas

ElectricBlue Weddings

Emma & Rich Photography

 Boho Lane


I really really hope I get invited back to exhibit at the next one! 

Anna xx