Thank you Mac OS Ken!

Today's blog is really a big thank you to mac-interactive, Mac OS Ken, and all of my twitter followers!

I'm currently sitting at my desk writing this with a big smile on my face. Not because it's Friday and I get to have a lie in tomorrow, but because my website was just mentioned on a podcast by Ken Ray, or "macosken" in America!

If you're not a bit of mac geek then you may not know who he is. So here's some information from his website:

Since May of 2005, Ken Ray has eaten, slept, and breathed Apple news in order to produce a daily Apple news show.
Ken Ray started in radio in 1994 and started covering tech-news in 1998, including stints at Business Radio 1220 in San Francisco, the magazine Global Technology Business, and time "on-air" at TechTV Radio.
Stories that make the Mac OS Ken cut include those directly related to Apple, many stories indirectly related to Apple that stand a chance of affecting Apple’s business or its users, and tangentially related stories that are funny.
A slightly skewed, sometimes cynical, obsessive look at Apple news, five-days-a-week. Like the big voice says at the start of the show, “this is Mac OS Ken.”

I built my website with a company called "Squarespace" a few months ago, following a recommendation from my computer support guru and friend Nathan at mac-interactive.

He told me about the Mac OS Ken podcast and said that I should get in touch as he often features interesting Squarespace sites. Well, I kind of forgot to get in touch but yesterday, Ken saw a tweet that I had made about my blog and asked if he could talk about my website on his show!

Today's podcast has just been released and I'm the first thing he talks about! So thank you once again to Ken, Nathan and all my lovely twitter followers. If you'd like to listen to the podcast, where my jewellery is described as "Beautiful" on more than one occasion, it's the one for today (10/1/2014) at