Anna Fine Jewellery Ethical Policy

Each and every piece of my jewellery is made by hand, by me, in my little workshop in Malvern, UK. No mass produced far eastern imports allowed! 

My strong environmental beliefs at home are transferred straight to the business. I re-use, recycle and compost as much as is physically possible, I’m vegan (apart from a few eggs supplied by my own rescue chickens), I shop in charity and second hand shops, I make my own bread, my energy is green, I don’t leave appliances and electrical equipment on standby, I always buy local wherever possible and have recently swopped our gas guzzling family car for a fully electric one. My journeys to the post office to post your jewellery are made either on foot or by bike!

All of my jewellery is made by hand using traditional tools and techniques. My metals are purchased locally from a company that recycles gold and silver and all waste material is kept to the bare minimum or re-smelted to create new pieces. This is good for me and for you as it helps to keep costs down. I'm also registered to work in Fairtrade Gold.

Your jewellery will arrived beautifully packaged in a box that is either recycled or reusable. In order to get this to you in the post, I will often re-use old postal packaging where available. I know that a shiny new cardboard box “looks” nicer, but as the postal packaging is just there to protect the lovely gift box that your item will arrive in, I made the decision to re-use as many old items of postal packaging as possible to help minimise my companies environmental impact. Just think of all those trees that are now still standing!This also helps to keep my, and therefore your costs down even further.

I enjoys spending as much time as possible enjoying the beautiful and inspiring environment in which I live. I want it to stay that way, so please feel free to comment or make suggestions where you think any improvements could be made.

Thank you,

Anna x