Craft and Design Awards - I need your votes!


The craft&design Selected online gallery features the work of makers in a broad range of media. Whether they weave textiles, forge metal or carve wood, what they have in common is the creativity and skill required to create original, beautiful and desirable items by hand, and in a world where mass produced items are everywhere, these are qualities to be valued.

I'm in their gallery too and since 2009, they have been running the Craft and Design Selected Awards. With prizes valued at more than £25,000 in total, these annual awards are recognised as some of the most important in the industry for acknowledging excellence and skill in craft and design and promoting the work of professional designer makers in Britain and Ireland.

So this blog post is mostly about me asking you to click on this link in order to visit my Selected page and vote for me to win an award (pretty please with cherries on top!)

I've had a nosey around the gallery and have found some fabulous things that I would love to have in my house. The people below will all be getting my vote:

(and just in case you need the link to my page again: )

Thank you for voting! x