Ring Sizes .........

Rings are available in 52 different sizes, so how do you know which size to choose if you're ordering online or by email? The sizes are also different depending on which country you live in. It's all a little confusing! 
So, today's blog post is intended to ease that confusion by providing all of the information you will need to measure your ring size at home. 


Below is a printable set of instructions and a paper ring sizer that can be cut out to help you work out the size you need. The sizes aren't specific to my designs so this ring sizer can be used for any ring that you are thinking of buying. 

If you want to use the chart. it's important to download it via the link and the print out the PDF file at 100% size otherwise your size may be wrong.



As well as the sizing chart, below is a list of all the main UK sizes and their equivalent, US and EU variants just in case you're ordering or buying from outside the UK.

RingSize Chart.jpg