My blog is back!

I’ve neglected my blog and newsletter writing lately. Partly because I’ve been so busy making and partly because I’ve been putting all my writing efforts into my “paid” blog writing for Making Jewellery magazine. 

I’m going to attempt to change that though and as its the beginning(ish) of a new academic year, the little bit of teacher that’s still in me is telling me that this is a good time to start afresh. So, I have my laptop, mug of tea, nice music playing and this idea that I’m going to try my very best to make this a bi-weekly offering of what I’ve been up to in (and sometimes out of) my workshop!

I’ve actually just written a lot more than these couple of paragraphs. It was going to be part of todays “blog offering” but I’ve decided what I just written (kind of organically by accident) is just what I want to say in my next Making Jewellery article so, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a bit longer for my words of wisdom on what makes someone “successful”! 

Instead, here’s a few photos of a gorgeous ring set that I actually finished a few weeks ago but I’ve been waiting until I knew that the recipient of the ring had said “yes” before I shared them.

If you'd like to commission something similar just give me a shout!