Happy New Year!

This has absolutely nothing to do with jewellery or engagement or wedding rings, but I said I was going to blog more so I though that might include a bit more about some of things that I do outside of my workshop.

Yesterday we started the year with a visit to Solihull ice rink and then a warm up in the pub with some friends, before heading to Stratford Upon Avon to see A Christmas Carol at the RSC. I’d bought the tickets months ago and hidden them inside 4 crackers on our Christmas day dinner table with the intention that it would be an exciting treat to end the Christmas holidays and start off the new year. 

Well, we certainly weren’t disappointed as the performance and the the set were both absolutely fantastic. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is really like no other and if you have the chance to go and see ‘any’ performance there, I’d highly recommended that you do. 

Yesterday was the perfect start to a new year. A wonderful happy memory to hold onto throughout 2018!