Blogging Challenge Day 3 - ignoring the prompt and taking photos.

Today’s prompt is “The story behind the name of this blog”, which I’m not really sure what to write for. My blog is just my business name, which is partly just “my” name, so instead, I’m going to talk about what I was doing earlier on today. every Etsy seller knows, good photography is possibly THE MOST IMPORTANT part of getting noticed. I’ve tried all sorts of different approaches, and currently I’m really liking just ignoring all the “rules” about how good jewellery photography should always be on a plain white background, and shooting all of my photos on the edge of my bench! I have a DSLR, that I always use it spend time setting up on a tripod, with extra lighting........but.......this takes ages to set up, and I seem to be able to get just as good (if not better) photos with my iPhone.

I currently have an SE, which was handed down from my lovely partner (who runs an Apple tech-support business) and is just about still clinging onto the Apple current model list, but it’s had a couple of replacement batteries, and yesterday, I noticed that the screen was all kind of “spongy”. This is typical of the battery starting to swell inside the phone, which can be fixed by replacing it again, but it’s got me thinking that maybe it’s time to upgrade, and pass on my SE down our family iPhone chain.

So this morning, I had a bit of a play around with the camera on an iPhone X. Now, jewellery is typically quite small, and I really liked the 2x optical zoom, as it meant that I could get much closer in to take photos that filled more of the screen, rather than having to crop out most of the photo. This really isn’t great, as what remains is then quite low res. I use an Olloclip macro lens at the moment, which is perfect for getting in “really” close, but sometimes, I’d quite like something in between. The photo’s that I took today aren’t as amazing as I know they could be, as neither of the iPhone macro lenses I have fit on the X, so I had to hold it in place while I took the photo. So I know, with the right lens, I can get even better photos, but nonetheless I’m pretty pleased with them. The un-edited results from my SE and the X are below, so please let me know what you think........