Blog writing challenge Day 6 - current guilty pleasures....

So, yesterday’s blog felt a bit strange to write, as it was kind of turning an act of kindness into something that said “HEY! Look at me!! I’m an amazing person for helping someone out!”

Well, today’s promt also feels a bit weird. If something gives you pleasure, (perhaps with the exception of anything that’s causing you major harm, like smoking or drugs) why should you feel guilty about it? If you’ve actually done something bad, then yes, you should feel guilty, but I really don’t think we should be feeling any guilt for things that make us feel happy. So I’m going to write about three things that have made me feel happy today, but not that make me feel guilty.

1. “Chooseday” chips - You have to say it out loud, but dyslexia overrides correct grammar and spelling in our house, so Tuesday “sounds” like it should start with the same letter as chips and that’s good enough for me! YUM!

2. Chocolate brownies - This isn’t such a regular occurrence and had nothing to do with it being Tuesday.........although it does start with a “ch” so maybe it needs to be! Anyway, I’m currently sitting and writing this, looking forward to tucking into the yummy brownie that I can see warming on top of the woodburing stove........which leads onto my third “pleasure” of today.........

3. The wood burner - Its freezing outside, but having a real fire make everything all lovely and cozy. It’s been out of action for a while, due to the chimney needing re-lining, but I’m sooooo glad that it’s now fixed!