November Blog Challenge - Day 20 - Silver and gold ring remodel.

I’d written today’s blog prompt down as “New Ideas”.......but........I’m so busy on commissions at the moment I haven’t had time to come up with any! So instead, here’s some photos to take you through the process of a recent ring remodel. 

It always starts with a drawing: 


The finished ring started out its life as a very old and sentimental silver wedding band and a gold chain and brooch. The silver ring was staying as it was and being used for the main part of the ring, and the brooch and chain were melted down and rolled out to make wire for the detailing.


The stone settings were then made and soldered onto the silver ring, before I started to carefully add on the gold spiral detail.


This was then filed and given an initial polish. Then I just needed to set the amethyst and moissanite and give the ring it’s final finish. 


I’m really pleased with the final result - I hope my client is too when she collects it tomorrow!!