Where did January (and February) go?

I’m not sure how it got to be almost March! I guess there were 31 days of January and then 21 of February 🤣

Anyway, if you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I’ve ben a little quieter that usual. The main reason is that I’ve just been way too busy making to have time to even think about writing instagram and facebook posts! Obviously this is great business wise, but unfortunatley, I’ve not yet worked out how to split myself into the several different peoples’ jobs that I have to do, so making always has to take priority. Well, actually, thats not entirely true...the cat takes priority...always...even before children! 

So, this blog is mainly to introduce my new, as yet nameless, and also not quite finished new collection, but I have taken a few pics so I thought I’d share them. My inspiration for these rings came after talking to loads of amazing and ‘alternative’ couples at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza last November. I feel really lucky that I get to make a living from creating little works of art. Especially ones that remind their wearers of an amazing day or person in (or that has been in) their life. Now, I enjoy making every piece, but the ones that I ‘really’ enjoy are the ones where I get to inject lots of my own style and ideas, and really make them something that I would like to wear myself. I think that as I’ve become more and more ‘established’ many more my clients come to me for exactly this, and this has also inspired me to create these new, somewhat ‘gothic’ pieces.

As I’ve already mentioned, they are as yet nameless, so if anyone has any ideas for what I should call them, please do let me know!