Happy Summer Holidays...

Hi, and sorry for the radio silence over the last few weeks! As you may already know, as well as a designer, I’m also a mum, and I feel incredibly lucky to be in the position to be able to say that over the 6 week summer holidays, family time comes first (and also, by this time of year, as my busy time starts to be just slightly less busy, I’m usually such a stressed out wreck that I REALLY need to take a break).

Soooo, what have I been up to over the last 6 weeks? (I’ll try and keep this as short as I can, as lets face it, nobody can be bothered to read a really long blog)

Well.....as soon as school finished for my son, we piled up the car with camping stuff and headed south to spend the week with friends at an “Alternative Education” festival. After this I did manage to get back to my bench on and off before we went on a bit of adventure to Spain and France, all by train. The humongous carbon footprint of flying just isn’t part of my ethos, and it really did feel fantastic that we could all walk out of the front door, just with a rucksack on our backs, and a few hours later be eating dinner in Paris, and then by lunchtime the next day, be stepping off a double decker train in Barcelona!

Our European adventure only lasted just short of two weeks, but in that time we managed to fit in so much that it felt like we’d been away for ages! I meant that only in a good way though, as I think we could have all easily just stayed in the beautiful french countryside (with it’s daily aroma of croissants) for a good, umm, few weeks longer if we were able to!

Unfortunately though, school, home-ed courses and the need to earn money to pay for both of those things means that we have to return to the real world. Tomorrow though, as I walk to school with my son, I’m going to do my best to hang onto this feeling of inspiration and contentment that I’ve picked up over the last couple of weeks. I know my mornings will be back to the usual mad rush to get a packed lunch made  (yeah, I know, I only have to make the one and really have no reason whatsoever for complaining) and get to school before they lock the front gate, but I’m going to try really hard not to get angry at all the parents that aren’t bothered about the pollution coming out of the back of their range rovers and simply MUST drop their children off right outside the school entrance, even if it does block the only safe crossing place for those of us that walk. I’m not saying I’m going to succeed, but at least I’ll try!

Right, that’s it. I could probably write loads more, but its now 23:14pm, I still need to listen to today’s episode of The Archers, and I have to get up at 6!