EWE is back - who wants some free tickets?

What can I say about the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza apart from the fact that I’ve exhibited at the last three, and in my opinion anyway, I’d just like to say its THE most amazing wedding event ever!!!


This blog is part of a massive “thunderclap” of posts, all timed to go out between 11am-12noon today (28th Jan) in order to launch the next bigger and even better show!

“EWE” is the brainchild of Jo, fantabulous wedding dress designer and maker at The Couture Company and Sassy, photographer extraordinaire at Assassynation, and all takes place on the 16th and 17th of March, at The Bond Company and Fazeley Studios in very hip and cool Digbeth in Birmingham.

So for my part of the thunderclap, I’m giving away 2 tickets (worth £20) for the Sunday. To enter, just reply to this post and tag the person you’d like to bring with you.

This is going out on my blog, instagram, facebook, Pinterest and twitter, so if you REALLY want to win, feel free to enter and tag your fiancé/partner/bestie/mum/dad/brother/sister/long lost great aunt (sorry no dogs unless its a guide dog) on as many of those platforms as you like!

The lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday night (30th Jan).

Good luck and if you’re planning a wedding, don’t be a sheep and come to EWE

Me and Nate at the last show - thank you to  Emma and Rich  for the photo. X

Me and Nate at the last show - thank you to Emma and Rich for the photo. X