Something blue turned a bit green.

Here are a few photos that show the story of how this rather sparkly palladium, moissanite and lab grown emerald ring came to life. I was particularly pleased with this one so thought I'd share a few more than the usual one or two pics on social media. I also thought it might be of interest because of the materials used.

Palladium is a fairly new precious metal that since the massive rise in the price of gold has become increasingly popular. Personally, I love the colour, a which is virtually identical to platinum and also the added bonus that it's really hardwearing.

Moissanite is a lab grown diamond "alternative" which means it's not a diamond but is almost as hard and to be honest, if you didn't tell anyone, they wouldn't know any different. The lab grown emerald is just as it says on the tin (you'll need to be old enough to remember the Ronseal adverts to get that joke)!

Thank you to it's lucky new owner for the last pic and also for the lovely review left on Etsy.

My original sketch. A bespoke version of my "Something Blue" ring available here in my Etsy shop.

Here's the review:

"...What a wonderful ring and a wonderful jeweller and seller on etsy. Anna has been so helpful throughout the whole process and the ring she has made is a wonderful realisation of her creativity and my contributions at design stage. I loved her 'something blue' ring and wanted to alter the idea a little and I am in love with it :) Thanks once again Anna. I've had so many wonderful compliments too. I'll definitely be back to help with a wedding band :)..."

I hope you like to pics and feel free to leave your comments below. Anna x

A Very Old Ring

I thought I'd share a few "work in progress" shots of a commission I've been talking about a fair bit on facebook and twitter over the last couple of weeks. The owner of the Henry V long cross penny (circa 1400), found me on twitter through #Worcestershirehour, a business networking session every monday evening. He was asking for Worcestershire Jewellers and I got recommended! So, a few emails and a consultation later, and I was commissioned to set this precious and very old bit of silver into a ring. The brief was to make the whole thing look like it was as old as the coin, and generally a bit battered! I delivered it (by bike!) yesterday to it's very happy owner. 

The finished ring - made in oxidised sterling silver. A very special and unique commission.

The finished ring - made in oxidised sterling silver. A very special and unique commission.