New Bench!

Every time I do an event, I always stand there thinking about the improvements that I need to make to my display. I’ve talked about this before, and am just resigned to the fact that I will ‘never’ be completely happy, but I’m ok with this now, as I read somewhere a few weeks ago that this is what makes me an artist!  

An idea, thats been whirring around in my brain for quite a while now, is to solve the problem of how to get my jewellers bench to events, partly just because I think it would look really cool, and mostly because, even though I have loads of “work in progress” photos out, I always get asked the question, “Do you make all these?”.

Well, about a month ago, I finally solved that problem, in a way that I’m probably 99% (possibly even 100% for the first tine ever) happy with!!  

So here are a few pics of my fantastic, new, super fashionable, industrial style OSB board and scaffolding tube, PORTABLE JEWELLERS BENCH........

It wasn’t “quite” finished in these photos, but I’m really looking forward to taking more photos at my next wedding event at the Dial House Wedding Fayre (run by Diva  Wedding Fayres) in beautiful Bourton On The Water on the 24th June. 

I’m also REALLY looking forward to “rainbowing” it all up for the next Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (as long as they still want me!) in the autumn.