How are you ethical?

At a wedding fair a few weeks ago, I was asked "How are you ethical?" Here are some of the reasons I gave....

  1. I use traditional hand tools and techniques that haven't changed for 100's of years. 

  2. Wherever possible I always work in recycled or fairtrade precious metals. I can also work with old pieces of jewellery, wether this be a simple repair or remodelling them into something new and contemporary.

  3. I source all of the gemstones that I use very carefully. I always ask dealers exactly where any mined stones have come from and don't buy them if they can't guarantee that they have been fairly traded. Where possible, I like to use lab grown diamonds and gemstones as I feel that this is the kindest way of obtaining stones for both workers and the Earth.

  4. Many of my tools are made in the either the UK or Europe.

  5. I cycle or walk to post office, unless there's a blizzard or hurricane and then I'll use a car club car.
  6. I work with schools and charities running workshops where we make wonderful things out of recycled junk!
  7. My heating is a wood burner and my gas and electricity come from a "green" supplier.
  8. All of my lighting is low energy or LED and everything is turned off when I'm not using it.
  9. I've organised my work/life balance in a way that I get to spend lots of quality time with my young family. Although this may mean you have to collect your engagement ring from a Ballet lesson as a client did this week!
  10. Anna Fine Jewellery is just me. When you buy from me, you can rest assured that "I" have made your jewellery by hand in my workshop. Anna Fine Jewellery is small and exclusive and I intend to keep it that way!

Happy Friday and this weeks news!

I thought I'd wrote a bit of a documentary of my week, partly to test out this new Squarespace iPhone App that I'm writing it with and partly so I can remind myself what I've been up to. So here goes:

Monday was bank holiday and as my parents were visiting from Devon, we went on a nice leisurely 4 mile walk from my house up the hill to the playground, pub, the Worcestershire Beacon (top of the hill) and back home again! 

Beautiful West Malvern Bluebells. 

Beautiful West Malvern Bluebells. 

Tuesday was back to work and a day of admin, organising, ordering materials, doing a quick alteration on a previous commission and finishing off some rings, ready to post off for hallmarking. 

On Wednesday, I went to an early Pilates class, then it was back to that admin and marketing. 

On Thursday, yet again, I had an admin day, but I finally managed to organise all of my emails into folders and get my inbox from over 1000 to a much more healthier 15! 

New ideas - making use of some of the tools that Cooksons have asked me to review!

New ideas - making use of some of the tools that Cooksons have asked me to review!

Finally this morning, I've been working on some drawings, some of which I've already posted on all my social networks and some that are top secret for now :) 

I've missed being my workshop this week but without spending all that time on the other parts of running my business, I would have lots of pretty sparkly things but I wouldn't have a business! 

Next week will be much more about "making"! 

Have a great weekend everyone.

Anna x

A Very Old Ring

I thought I'd share a few "work in progress" shots of a commission I've been talking about a fair bit on facebook and twitter over the last couple of weeks. The owner of the Henry V long cross penny (circa 1400), found me on twitter through #Worcestershirehour, a business networking session every monday evening. He was asking for Worcestershire Jewellers and I got recommended! So, a few emails and a consultation later, and I was commissioned to set this precious and very old bit of silver into a ring. The brief was to make the whole thing look like it was as old as the coin, and generally a bit battered! I delivered it (by bike!) yesterday to it's very happy owner. 

The finished ring - made in oxidised sterling silver. A very special and unique commission.

The finished ring - made in oxidised sterling silver. A very special and unique commission.