Fame at last (sort of)!

I've just rewarded myself with cream cake because earlier on today, something I'm very proud of came through my letter box:


Back in September 2013, I answered a call out in Craft and Design Magazine asking for applications for their monthly "Diary of a Craftmaker" feature. I applied, not really thinking I stood a chance as I don't really rate my writing skills very highly. Craft and Design thanked me for my application and I waited until I received the email I was expecting, telling me that I hadn't been chosen - BUT - they did want me to write a feature about myself! I read the email several times to make sure I had it right, and yes, they really did want me to write a double page piece for their top quality glossy magazine! So, this is me writing a blog post about me writing a magazine article, if that makes sense? I owe a massive thank you to my friend and amazing photographer Jacqui Elliott-Williams for the fab black and white photo of me looking nothing like I usually do when I'm at work! If you'd like to read the magazine, it's available in physical and digital format from https://www.craftanddesign.net/ and is full of fab articles and photographs of beautiful things!