New Hall Bugs! (Yr 5 & 6 Wire Sculpture Workshop)

I had a change to my usual day of making small things form very expensive metal yesterday. I spent the day at New Hall Primary school in Birmingham helping the students in years 5 and 6 create some crazy creatures as part of their Art Week.

I arrived a little late as the journey from Malvern to Sutton Coldfield took twice as long as google told me but the students in the first workshop just worked extra hard on their creations. I've run similar workshops to this before, but we've always spent around three hours designing and making so I was amazed how well the children all did in just an hour and a half for each class.

We started off with a few minutes to draw some ideas in sketchbooks, then I gave a demonstration on how to use the tools and work with the wire safely before the children let their creative juices flow. Most of them had never worked with metal before so I hope you agree with me in thinking that they all did fantastically well. I know that the children enjoyed themselves from the three cheers that I received at the end of the last workshop!

If you would like to see what else New Hall Primary have been up to this week, their twitter  @NewHallpri, or if you would like to book a workshop of your school, please get in touch via my schools page by clicking here.