Happy New Year & plans for 2016..

This is a quick post to say Happy New Year to you all and also to let you know about my new January project.  

As you may already know, most of my rings are made to order and are all priced individually. Lots of the rings I make are engagement rings or are for a special gift so when I post pics online I can't give away the cost. 

I work to all sorts of budgets but I think people can sometimes be put off asking about a commission as they think it'll be too expensive. So, starting next Monday (4th January) I'll be posting drawings of new ring designs along with prices each day. Monday's ring will be £100, Tuesday £200, Wednesday £300 and so on throughout the week, ending with a really special ring each Saturday that'll be a minimum of £1000. I'm having Sunday's off and will begin again with a £100 ring for each Monday in January. 

I'll be posting the drawings daily on Facebook and Twitter and weekly on here so please keep checking whichever you prefer to use. X