A rubbish day...

I was supposed to be writing a blog about this weeks new ring designs but instead I'm sharing pictures of 10 of my ring sets that were stolen from Malvern Tourist Information sometime on Saturday night/Sunday morning. 

I'd had an exhibition of my work on display in their window since Monday but unfortunately on Saturday night, someone decided to throw a brick through the window and take them all. I'd like to say thank you to Malvern Police, everyone that has shared the photo's on Facebook and Twitter and also to Malvern TIC and District Council who are doing their best to sort out an insurance claim. This isn't certain as yet though due to them having a massive excess that's more than the value of the rings that have been stolen.

Obviously my rings are quite distinctive so If you're local to me in Worcestershire or the Midlands then please can you keep your eyes open in case they turn up in pawn/cash generator type shops. Also, if you're able to print out and display the poster with all the photos on that would be really helpful. 

There's also a Facebook gallery with more photos in here.