November Blog Challenge day 26 - Birthday weekend...

As it was my birthday on Friday, I decided to give myself the weekend off blog writing. Unfortunately, it’s just not the time of year when I can give myself a day off from any work at all though, so my actual birthday “day” was spent getting my “hopefully” final hallmarking parcel finished and packed up so that everything gets back to me in time to finish it for Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, I also had to bring my last ordering dates forward a little, as this year has been way busier than usual! I’m not complaining, but it has meant that I’ve had to tell a couple of people that I can’t take their commissions. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to do that!!

OK, back to Friday, and a lovely (vegan) birthday meal at Mackenzies in Great Malvern, followed by, ummmmm, falling asleep on the sofa - well I am 42 now! Saturday was sent doing exciting things like cleaning the bathroom, but on Sunday, we went out for the day, to visit the area that will hopefully become our new home (if we can sell ours before someone else snaps up the house we want). 

Back tomorrow with something a bit more jewellery related.