November Blog Challenge Day 27 - Saving the planet with an engraving machine.

Today’s blog is going to be a short one, but at least its jewellery related. A good few months ago now (actually it might even be a year!) I bought this strange looking second have machine. It’s been sat on the floor still wrapped up until a couple of days ago when I finally got around to testing it out.

It’s called a Gravograph and apart from just looking all cool and vintage’y in the corner of my workshop, it’s also pretty good at engraving the inside of rings!

I usually send my rings away to be laser engraved, and I’ll still do that if a particular font or a more complicated design is needed, but if its a few words or perhaps a wedding date, I can now do this “in-house” and save all of the resources (paper, fuel, electricity etc) that it would take to post it to Birmingham and back. It makes lots of very satisfying clicks and clunks and you turn the various dials to engrave each digit, and I love that I’m bringing an old piece of equipment back to life. Carbon footprint reduced just a tiny bit more! 🌱🌏