November Blog Challenge Day 28 - Etsy Best Sellers

For today’s blog, I thought I’d share a few of my best selling “ready to wear” rings that can be orderd through my Etsy Shop:

1. Twist Solitaire - Probably my best selling design, and also one that I’m often asked to base a bespoke design on.


2. Walk On The Hills rings - These are inspired by the Malvern Hills (where I currently live)  and are a really great option if you have a ring to be remodelled, as I can use the old metal to make the hills layer. I also sometimes get asked to make them with a specific skyline that holds a special memory.


3. Spirals ring set - I love this design, and over the years, I’ve sold lots that are exactly the same as the ones in my Etsy shop, and a fair few with added stones in the spirals on the wedding ring. 


4. Something Blue engagement ring - This is also one of my most popular designs, that I’ve made is all of the precious metals and sometimes with the stones reversed so that the blue stone is the main one.


Finally, as a special THANK YOU for scrolling to the end of today’s blog, you can get 10% off these or any other design that currently on sale in my Etsy shop by using the code “NOVBLOG”. Just remember though that I’ve closed my order books fro 2018, so any purchases made will go onto my making list for the new year.