Blog Challenge day 7 - What’s on my Bench?

Today was actually an interesting day to write this, as I had something a little different on my bench.......but.......I didn’t actually take any photos! 

Never mind, I’ll just have to use the power of words instead. So, today, I spent the most of the day sorting and cleaning my sample rings, ready to exhibit at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in Birmingham at the weekend. I only take silver samples to events as it’s just too expensive to have lots of gold, platinum or platinum samples made up, but currently, yellow and especially rose gold are pretty popular. So as well as the cleaning and sorting, I also yellow and rose gold plated a few of my samples, just so that my visitors on Saturday and Sunday can get an idea of what my rings might look like in these metals. It;s not a perfect match, but it gives a good impression. I also finished off a special bangle, that’s going to be my EWE “Sheep” in their treasure hunt. I do have a picture of that, so if you’re reading this, and planning on visiting the show at the weekend, you have a heads up on what to look for........


P.S. The sheep’s name (and the treasure hunt answer) is MiniBaaa. You just need to write down the answer on the sheet that you’ll be given at the show to be in with a chance to win £100 off a ring commission.