November Blog Challenge - Day 30 - The last one!!!

It’s the 30th of November - the last day of my blog challenge - and if I’m perfectly honest, it’s not been my most enjoyable experience. Going by previous years of business, the couple of months before Christmas have usually been fairly quiet, but this year the commission requests and Etsy orders just kept coming! I’m a one woman enterprise, so I’m not complaining at all, but trying to write a blog every day has been REALLY hard. Especially when on top of “work” you add in the normal every day things that being a mum entails, oh, and the other small task of trying to sell my house and find a new one, and to get those two things to happen at more or less the same time! I haven’t managed that last one yet, and this weekend, as well as watching my children’s end of term drama performance is going to be all about making the house look pretty, so that hopefully someone will come along and offer to buy it! 

So, after today, I’m going to give myself a “small” break from the blog writing. I say small, as writing more (on own personal blog, rather than on other peoples’) is one of the things on my list of “business improvements”. 

Right........back to house sorting........I really can’t think of anything else I’d rather do on a Friday night! 🤣 

November Blog Challenge Day 28 - Etsy Best Sellers

For today’s blog, I thought I’d share a few of my best selling “ready to wear” rings that can be orderd through my Etsy Shop:

1. Twist Solitaire - Probably my best selling design, and also one that I’m often asked to base a bespoke design on.


2. Walk On The Hills rings - These are inspired by the Malvern Hills (where I currently live)  and are a really great option if you have a ring to be remodelled, as I can use the old metal to make the hills layer. I also sometimes get asked to make them with a specific skyline that holds a special memory.


3. Spirals ring set - I love this design, and over the years, I’ve sold lots that are exactly the same as the ones in my Etsy shop, and a fair few with added stones in the spirals on the wedding ring. 


4. Something Blue engagement ring - This is also one of my most popular designs, that I’ve made is all of the precious metals and sometimes with the stones reversed so that the blue stone is the main one.


Finally, as a special THANK YOU for scrolling to the end of today’s blog, you can get 10% off these or any other design that currently on sale in my Etsy shop by using the code “NOVBLOG”. Just remember though that I’ve closed my order books fro 2018, so any purchases made will go onto my making list for the new year. 


November Blog Challenge Day 27 - Saving the planet with an engraving machine.

Today’s blog is going to be a short one, but at least its jewellery related. A good few months ago now (actually it might even be a year!) I bought this strange looking second have machine. It’s been sat on the floor still wrapped up until a couple of days ago when I finally got around to testing it out.

It’s called a Gravograph and apart from just looking all cool and vintage’y in the corner of my workshop, it’s also pretty good at engraving the inside of rings!

I usually send my rings away to be laser engraved, and I’ll still do that if a particular font or a more complicated design is needed, but if its a few words or perhaps a wedding date, I can now do this “in-house” and save all of the resources (paper, fuel, electricity etc) that it would take to post it to Birmingham and back. It makes lots of very satisfying clicks and clunks and you turn the various dials to engrave each digit, and I love that I’m bringing an old piece of equipment back to life. Carbon footprint reduced just a tiny bit more! 🌱🌏


November Blog Challenge day 26 - Birthday weekend...

As it was my birthday on Friday, I decided to give myself the weekend off blog writing. Unfortunately, it’s just not the time of year when I can give myself a day off from any work at all though, so my actual birthday “day” was spent getting my “hopefully” final hallmarking parcel finished and packed up so that everything gets back to me in time to finish it for Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, I also had to bring my last ordering dates forward a little, as this year has been way busier than usual! I’m not complaining, but it has meant that I’ve had to tell a couple of people that I can’t take their commissions. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to do that!!

OK, back to Friday, and a lovely (vegan) birthday meal at Mackenzies in Great Malvern, followed by, ummmmm, falling asleep on the sofa - well I am 42 now! Saturday was sent doing exciting things like cleaning the bathroom, but on Sunday, we went out for the day, to visit the area that will hopefully become our new home (if we can sell ours before someone else snaps up the house we want). 

Back tomorrow with something a bit more jewellery related.